Christian Fallacies

The purpose of this site is to glorify God by properly applying Holy Scripture to correct some of the false teachings and false doctrines that are taught in many Christian churches around the world.

In the words of the old sage, Charles Spurgeon: "Lay aside your prejudices; listen calmly, listen dispassionately; hear what Scripture says; and when you receive the truth, if God should be pleased to reveal and manifest it to your soul, do not be ashamed to confess it. To confess you were wrong yesterday is only to acknowledge that you are a little wiser today; and instead of being a reflection on yourself, it is an honor to your judgment, and shows that you are improving in the knowledge of the truth. Do not be ashamed to learn, and to cast aside your old doctrines and views, but take up that which you may more plainly see to be in the word of God."

We encourage you to read these articles with no preconceived ideas and a spiritually open mind. Follow along in your Bible, look-up the verses being discussed, and do your own independent study with a study Bible and commentary. Our Doctrinal Statement.

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false teachers

spiritual gifts


Alcohol and Christianity - Do They Mix?

Atheism Debate

Atonement of Christ

Beware the Pretenders

Calvinism - Where Calvin Got It Wrong!

Can I Trust the Bible Pt 1

Can I Trust the Bible Pt 2


Christian Liberty: How Free Am I?

Church Discipline

Church History


Divine Election: The Ultimate Pride Killer

Divine Omniscience

Divine Sovereignty

Does God Heal Today?

Does God Know the Future?

Does God Love Everyone?

Do I have to Obey God's Law?

Effectual Calling to Be Saved

Evangelists, TV and Other

Evidence for the Resurrection

Evil - Deliver Us From Evil

Fair - Is God Fair?

Faith In Fact

Free Will


Global School of Supernatural Ministry

Greater Works Than These

Hell - What is Hell Like?

History of the Charismatic Movement

Holy Grail, The Legendary

Human Depravity

Illumination vs. Revelation

Is the Bible the Word of God?

Jesus Christ, God and Man: How Can a Man Be God?


Porn in the Visible Church Today.

Prayer - Some Deep Thoughts About Prayer

Radical Christianity. What is it?

Roman Catholicism

Salvation (Biblical) vs. the Catholic Church


Scripture: The Inerrancy of Scripture

Scripture: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Sin Has Consequences

Speaking In Tongues

Spiritual Gifts: Their Use and Abuse

Ten Dangers in Believing in Ongoing Prophecy

The Controversy Between Calvinism and Arminianism

The God of Israel: One God or Three?

The International Church of Christ

The Purpose and Authority of Prophets

The Relationship of Experience to Revelation

The Sinlessness of Jesus

Trinity - One God or Three?

Vineyard Movement

Was Jesus Disobedient To His Parents?

What About Angels?

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

What Color Are Your Glasses?

What Is Spirit Baptism?

What Is True Repentance?

What Kind of Man Was Jesus?

Witness Area



Foothill Bible Church Sermon Videos

God's Grace Alone

Effectual Salvation

Prosperity Gospel

The Holy Spirit's Role in Interpreting Scripture

The Reason for Evil

What About the Native in the Jungle Who Never Has an Opportunity to Hear About Jesus? Is it fair that God Sends him/her to hell?


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