Evangelists, TV and Other

Most of the people listed below are/were popular TV preachers. The purpose of this section of the site is not to focus on the person, but rather the theology they teach/taught. We will discuss whether or not their theology (preached to millions) is Bible-based, or something else.

We ask the reader to keep an open mind when we are discussing any evangelist with whom they have a particular liking or affinity. Personalities do not enter into this discussion. e.g. the evangelist may have a winsome and likeable personality. (Most do.) We focus here on what they are teaching, and if they are exegetical in what they teach about Scripture.

Most are Word of Faith (also known as Word Faith) and Prosperity Gospel. Some of these evangelists are dead or no longer preaching. We show their teachings here because their books/tapes are still available.


Benny Hinn
.....Article outlining his teachings
.....False Prophecies Video
.....More False Prophecies
.....False Healings Video
.....Bilking multi-MILLIONS from his supporters.

Billy Graham
.....Graham-Schuller Interview
.....Commentary by Dr. John MacArthur on the subject.
.....Commentary by Dr. Robert Morey on the subject.

Charles Finney

Frederick Price
.....Brief Video

Joel Osteen
.....Brief Video.

Joyce Meyer

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Hagin
.....Brief Video

Marilyn Hickey

Paul Crouch
.....Brief Video

TD Jakes

Todd Bentley






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