Todd Bentley

Because of his recent prominence/notoriety, we have been asked by many of our site visitors to compile information on Bentley. We are happy to do so.

Bentley admits to a criminal background. He is a reformed drug addict, and served time for child molestation, while he was still a minor. Because of this, referencing Scripture at 1 Timothy 3:1-13, would instruct that such a person never be permitted into a position of authority in the Christian church. (It is one thing to "forgive," and quite another to put that person into authority over others.) Fortunately for Bentley, there is no one authority in the United States that keeps him from his tent-type meetings, where he draws in thousands who have no idea of his past, and do not take the time to investigate.

First of all, let us not judge him too harshly or quickly because (of his voluminous tattoos or body piercings) he looks more like a prison inmate than a preacher. Rather, let us put that aside and judge him on what he says and what he does in his services.

We invite you to browse the attached articles and videos. Ask yourself: "Is this a man of God, or another charlatan out to take advantage of the sick and desperate?" Let his own words and those of Scripture judge his authenticity.



Todd Bentley (1976- )

• Because articles and other background information on Wikipedia come and go, we reproduced the information available there as of the date of this article - July 2008. Ample references are supplied.
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