Was Jesus Disobedient?

By: John A. Bonin

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     Luke 2:41-53 describes an event when Jesus was twelve years old. He and His parents had
been to Jerusalem for the Passover. On their return trip His parents (thinking previously that
He was with relatives) noticed that He was not with their group. Obviously concerned they
returned to the temple in Jerusalem to find Him there - three days later, sitting among the
teachers, asking them questions. His parents asked Him why He had treated them like this?

This may raise the question, “Was Jesus disobedient to his parents?”

To think that He was disobedient shows a foundational misunderstanding about Christ and
Scripture. However, this question is easily answered by asking ourselves five questions. I
asked these questions to a friend who was previously under the impression that Christ had
been disobedient to His parents. Here are the questions, and their answers:

  1. Is the Bible the inerrant Word of God?
    She answered “yes.”
  2. If it is the inerrant Word of God, can the Bible contradict itself?
    She answered, “No.” I said, “That’s right. It cannot at one place say something and in
    another place say something directly opposed.”
  3. Does the Bible say in Hebrews 4:15 that Jesus never sinned?
    She answered, “I think so.” I responded, “It does say that (and in other places as well),
    but we can turn there now and confirm it, if you want.” She agreed. We resolved that
  4. I asked her, “Is disobedience to parents a sin?”
    She answered, “Yes.” I agreed.
  5. If disobedience to parents is a sin, and Hebrews 4:15 says Jesus never sinned, then
    could Jesus have been disobedient to his parents?
    She answered, “Since you put it that way I guess He could not have been

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