10 Dangers in Believing in
Ongoing Prophecy

By: Luke Rhee

  1. Experience is equal or superior to Scripture.
  2. Scripture is interpreted in light of experience.
  3. Christian experience is deprived of its power and only legitimate source, namely objective truth in Scripture.
  4. There is a great temptation to pride in thinking that God communicated exclusively with a person while passing over others.
  5. Causes people to become superstitious, dissecting every conversation, dream, omen, and thought.
  6. Causes people to seek and long for an encounter with God outside of the abundant realm of His Word.
  7. Undermines the authority of Scripture in the local church.
  8. Potentially legitimizes very ungodly behavior.
  9. Divine propositional truth is not limited to the Word of God.
  10. Potentially opens people to demonic/Satanic influence.

This article is copyright 2010  by Luke Rhee. This article may be quoted, in part or in whole, without permission.

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