Witnessing Idea

by John Bonin

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves (in the course of your everyday life) to speak with members of your community about the Gospel? You don't have to be a pastor, street evangelist, or "in your face" about it! You can easily (and without anxiety or trepidation) have a subtle conversation (with someone you know, or a complete stranger) when an opportunity presents itself. Here is an idea you can use regularly:

Whenever you go out during the day, whether to:

  • a restaurant
  • your doctor/dentist's office
  • Staples
  • the post office
  • jury duty, the DMV, the Laundromat or especially any place where you might be sitting/waiting/standing - with other people in close proximity,

take your Bible with you. Make sure it is one that has "Holy Bible" (or "New Testament") on the cover - one that anyone looking at it will know immediately it is not just another book, but a Bible. (A New Testament works fine here. Make sure it has Witness Tabs installed because you are poised to present the hopeless problem of sin and God's solution.)

When your eyes meet someone else’s (especially if you notice they see your Bible), hold your Bible up slightly - not way up in the air like you are waiving it, but just a few inches higher as you emphasize it (like you are about to ask if they read the best selling book by so-and-so on the NY Times Best Selling list), smile warmly and ask, ”Do you ever read the Bible?” If they say "No", ask them, “Do you know what the letters B. I. B. L. E. stand for?” Most likely they say, "No", so tell them, "Better Investigate Before Leaving Earth." (Pause) Then say, "Do you know why that is so important?" (Pause, wait for an answer.) Then ask them about the situation of their own eventual death, and they are in front of the gates of heaven when St Peter asks, "Why should I let you into heaven? (This is very subtle. Alternatively, to be less subtle, suggest they are standing in front of the God of the Bible, the Creator of the universe, and He is asking the same question. (Whatever you are comfortable with.)
Depending on their reply, this gives you the opportunity to begin with Romans Road .
To your original question (whether they ever read the Bible), if they say, "Yes," say, “Great. (Slight pause) What have you learned from it that has helped you live your life?"
Wait for them to answer. Relax. There is no hurry. Be prepared to eventually lead the conversation to Romans Road.

Perhaps you never thought of it like this, but the Bible you are carrying is your intro into a discussion with anyone. Actually, it is quite a natural way of starting a conversation with a complete stranger. Of course, some people are going to see your Bible and avoid you, but God in His Providence is in control whenever His Word goes out. (Isaiah 55:11).

If you normally keep your Bible in a leather cover, remove the cover so people can readily see that it is a Bible.

If you want Witnessing Bible Tabs for your Bible, inquire at The Book Nook at: 909-981-2835 ext: 235.

Romans Road: An effective track to follow when presenting the Gospel. For more information, contact Pastor Wine at 909-981-2835 ext: 229.




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